100 Day Business Plan

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Leaders who take a more thoughtful approach in the beginning will see higher quality results in the long run, and will also have more organizational buy-in.

When I stepped into my role at Couchbase, there were a lot of projects underway.

While this can be true, it’s important to fight the temptation to jump into action.

Slow the pace in the beginning and fully analyze what the current state of the business and opportunities.

Results matter, so ensure your entry isn’t disrupting short-term execution.

Related: 3 Essential Traits of a Confident Leader in Uncertain Situations Learning and building a foundation for the future is essential, but never forget that you have a company to run and that responsibility can be delegated.While I’ve embraced the open-door policy by locating my desk in the same open environment as all employees, I’ve also pushed open the “virtual door” by communicating activities and progress early, and often to set a precedence for transparency.It’s critical for employees to consistently have a good level of visibility into where the company is thriving as well as areas that require improvement.Determine what you can do on your own to get up to speed. Get your hands on as many analyst reports as possible. As a new leader, if you enter a position and vastly redesign your employees’ roles and pace too quickly, they’re more likely to experience greater amounts of stress and new leader rejection. I have not modified the setup for staff meetings, timing and cadence (though content changed immediately).While innovation is important, understanding the pace at which change can effectively be implemented is essential. The same held true for our sales forecasting process, at least for the first quarter.Related: Look Before You Leap: 3 Steps to Leading Change While you have a lot to learn, the company must continue to perform.Don’t overburden your team with your personal education. There’s a lot of content out there, so take advantage of it. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the pace and comfort level of the company’s and employees’ operations.For marketers, the first 100 days can be particularly crucial, especially within digital where so much change happens so quickly nowadays.I’d, therefore, like to set out some key success factors for making the first three months in a new role really count.In my first 100 days, I committed myself to setting up at least 100 1:1’s and team meetings with employees of all levels, customers, investors, partners, vendors and analysts.I also set expectations on my first day that this was on my agenda so people were ready with their feedback -- and believe me, they were!


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