5 Year Plan Essay

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I want to be happy because even if I become rich or famous, if I am not happy in life nothing else would matter. After I start working for a few years, I plan to settle down, get married, and have children.

Understand, my plan is rooted in the core values I strive to live each day.

I’m so passionate about this subject, I’m writing a book on Values. There’s a very big difference between what you’ve done, versus where you are currently and what you want to do.

I hope you will build your life on a values structure that is true to who you are. The things that you love likely dominate your subconscious thoughts and maybe even your conscious thoughts. Then, determine how much you know about these things, and which of these things you have legitimate skills, knowledge and experience in. The prime example of this is, I want to be a successful author. So, I’m extremely close to that dream becoming a reality. I chose to break mine out by High-Level and Ground-Level view.

These values, along with this plan, have given me the clarity and direction I need to achieve anything I set my mind to in life. My dream is also to be an entrepreneur who writes for a living and coaches business clients. You may want to be the curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art someday, but perhaps your professional experience or education is in marketing. Since this is a five-year plan, it’s obviously going to have some big picture plans, in addition to plans very focused on achieving by the week or month.


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