Acrophobia Fear Of Heights Essay

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Fear of heights or Acrophobia is a debilitating anxiety disorder that affects nearly 1 in every 20 adults.

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For example: driving on bridges may trigger panic attacks or dizziness or individuals living or working in large cities might find it difficult to attend meetings on higher floors of a building or may experience dizziness in escalators, glass elevators, railings, and on staircases etc.

Instead, acrophobia is somehow hardwired so people have this fear before they first come into contact with heights.

Evolutionary psychologists suggest people who are afraid of heights are more likely to escape from this potentially dangerous situation or avoid it altogether.

People with acrophobia often avoid situations where they will be exposed to heights. When faced with heights or anticipating them, their sympathetic nervous system is aroused, as if preparing the body for an emergency.

This arousal helps either approach or escape from a threat (commonly known as the fight-or-flight response).


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