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But extracurricular activities come with a wealth of benefits for your child — beyond the obvious (mastering that backhand at tennis lessons or being able to count to 100 in Spanish). For starters, after-school activities let kids figure out what they like and what they’re good at.“When kids are selecting which activities to participate in, they are looking inward and deciding if they are enjoying it, which creates self-awareness and a sense of knowing what they like, what they don’t and how to make decisions accordingly,” explains Dr.However, scientists have proved there are more reasons to abandon after-class tasks. These 10 facts why homework should be banned do not force schools and colleges to abandon after-class assignments.

Students who juggle business schedules with after-class activities, internship, or part-time job find it difficult to catch up with additional tasks.

They are burned out by the end of the day and have no energy.

To specify, we do not insist on excluding homework at all.

We try to figure out whether kids would be better off alone with the minimum of tasks or overwhelming schedules like now.

Going outside, dedicating time to friends, attending hobby clubs, helping parents, and, yes, watching TV and playing games make kids feel kids. Should schools ban homework to allow obtaining better grades on the exams? While students focus on homework assignments, they risk failing to pass their examinations well.

It appears that complicated, lengthy assignments are distractions like mobile devices, video games, television, friends, home duties, etc.

Better study and life habits are the reasons to do homework.

Time management is something every professional need.

In this article, we are going to discuss more than 10 reasons why homework should be banned and reasons to leave minimum 30-minutes of homework per day.

According to statistics, teachers assign more assignments than an average student can handle in one night (more than 2 hours of work)!


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