American Dream Opportunity Essay

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First and foremost, each paper, despite the field of study and topic, starts from planning.It is necessary to select the direction of your thought as the answer to the question ‘What is the American dream essay?The lifestyle, wealth, and prosperity, promised by it, attracts many immigrants and citizens, still, not all are ready to work hard to work for them.

Americans deserve a place where freedom and opportunity are in the air.

However, the true ideals and dreams seem to be lost out of sight.

As all men originate from God so we all are equal before the Creator and according to His intention all people are free and equal in their Rights, Liberty Life and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Second Bill of Rights states that people are meant for “something more than a mere survival”.

’ may change during the process of writing and be quite different from the initial one.

So if you do not want to waste time define what you are going to talk about and what the goals of your text are.

It started from the simple wish of achieving everything that the parents weren’t able to attain.

Thus, the children should receive better educational and career opportunities. This part of the text develops the theme providing arguments and supporting them with evidence.

This dream is a motivation for millions of immigrants and seems to exist from the very beginning of the nation.

This phenomenon evolves with society and reflects its expectation of success.


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