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Someone would have told Sweeney what happened (guard, nurse etc.).

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It's quite simple: He was one of them, a fellow skinhead.

In prison different groups stick together for mutual protection and comradeship, and as neo-nazis/skinheads would be fairly unpopular with the colored inmates, all the more reason for them to protect each other."Curb stomping" is a form of assault in which a victim's mouth is forcefully placed on a curb after which the head stomped from behind.

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We don't have front doors that swing outwards because we do not have hurricanes.

Was this a mistake or was there a reason for the door to swing out?

For the friend, it isn't stealing the TV that gets him the long sentence.

It's that he dropped it on the cop's foot which the prosecutor twisted into in attempted murder charge.

When Danny gets shot at the end of the film, his paper flies out of his hand.

But the very next shot of him shows that the paper is still in his hand being held over his head while he falls backwards.


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