American Vs. Foreign Cars Essay

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The United States (whose population is 327 million) has the second-highest carbon dioxide emissions after China (whose population is 1.4 billion),, is one of the few countries which did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and is one of just three countries to refuse to participate in the Paris Agreement after its withdrawal from the agreement in June 2017.production per capita - the USA compares favorably with oil-producing nations in the Middle East, with Qatar at 40.3 metric tons per capita versus the United States's 17.6 metric tons per capita, but not with most European countries.

For example, one of the most infamous anti-American acts against the United States was the 9/11 attacks.

American stereotypes were not the main proponent of these attacks, but stereotypes become self-fulfilling and normative.

According to Albert Einstein, racism is America’s “worst disease.” Americans may be seen as reckless and imprudent people regarding the preservation of the environment.

They may be portrayed as lavish, driving high polluting SUVs and unconcerned about climate change or global warming.

Americans may be seen as very positive and optimistic people.

Over a third of Americans are obese, leading to the stereotype that the average American is obese and eats fast food very often. In Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and West Virginia, 35% or more of the population is obese.

A 2010 Charities Aid Foundation study found that Americans were the fifth most willing to donate time and money in the world at 55%.

The belief that the ingrained compassion yields the charitable acts is in congruence with the numbers that show the bulk of charitable giving goes to religious organizations.

Peter Glick, co-author of "Anti-American Sentiment and America's Perceived Intent to Dominate: An 11-Nation Study", conducted research on 5,000 college students from eleven countries using the stereotype content model (SCM) and the image theory (IT) measure.

"Consistent with the SCM and IT measure was the view that the United States is a nation intent on domination also with predicted perceptions that the nation is lacking warmth, and that the nation is arrogant, but out of incompetence." As a result of similar views, anti-American sentiment can develop, and the United States’ security can be put at risk.


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