An Essay About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television

An Essay About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television-84
This is regardless of the fact that some of theses programs and films encourage violence, crime and indecency.To sum up, we can say that TV programs can be useful and harmful.Large football clubs especially benefit financially from TV revenue.

On the one hand, it is obvious that televised sport is another way of making money.

Now there are more TV channels than ten years ago and since sport has become an important form of entertainment, more and more thematic channels and TV programmes are dedicated to sports events.

It is, however, the duty of censors and parents to select and time the programs which enrich character and personality rather than spoil them.

This code of behavior is to be heeded if people want TV to carry out a constructive and noble role, not a harmful and destructive one.

They make speeches devoted to a topic that makes them worry about or wear or do something symbolizing it.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that in spite of all the negative effects of sports being shown on television there is a great amount of advantages that are increasing every year.

Some of them simply want to show their talent to the world or want to attract people’s attention to some problem to convince people of its importance.

Since sportsmen are considered to be a new kind of celebrities, a lot of people listen to their opinion.

Some people think that if they have a great opportunity not to go anywhere but watch the game at home, why not take it?

Others simply don’t want to overpay for tickets just because some famous team is playing or it is one of the leading spectator sport.


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