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The fact that Hemingway worked throughout his life as a journalist clearly influenced his spare prose style.

Another bitter irony comes from the fact that the people who appreciate the soldiers most are not the respectable citizens of Milan but the café girls at the Cova.

Needless to say, going to war and sacrificing his youth, future, career, and even his life, a soldier expects to be recognized and loved by non-soldier people.

(The entire section is 1,620 words.) Ernest Hemingway’s short story, ‘‘In Another Country,’’ is illuminated by three related observations: that the author shifts his attention from the American soldier to the Italian major midway through the story, that he exercises strict control over his title allusion to The Jew of Malta, and that he cultivates a very elaborate motif of images concerned with looking and windows.

The first two-thirds of the work is focused on the nameless [Although nothing in the published version warrants the assumption that the narrator is Nick Adams, many critics have suspected that he is.] young narrator convalescing in Milan.

One goal of the novel would seem to be to open readers up more fully to the possibilities for loving, and thereby, to humanize them.

To present homosexuality and interracial (and extramarital) love affairs without explicit or even implicit moral condemnation seemed so sensational at the time that it was difficult for even the most perceptive readers to appreciate the seriousness of Baldwin’s purposes.

He insists that the American learn Italian grammar, with...

(The entire section is 875 words.) One of the most often-discussed aspects of Ernest Hemingway’s writing is his distinctive style.

The first-person narrator, an American, visits the hospital daily for rehabilitation treatments, and spends the rest of his time with a group of Italians, drinking and talking about the war.

At the hospital each day he sees an Italian Major whose hand has been injured, and who is receiving treatments. All of the Italians and the American says the narrator “felt held together by there being something that had happened that they, the people who disliked us, did not understand.”(3) The Major, whose treatments took place at the machine next to the American, is portrayed as being every bit the professional soldier.


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