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Lamb's older brother was too much his senior to be a youthful companion to the boy but his sister Mary, being born eleven years before him, was probably his closest playmate.

Lamb was also cared for by his paternal aunt Hetty, who seems to have had a particular fondness for him.

Although no epistolary record exists of the relationship between the two, Lamb seems to have spent years wooing her.

The record of the love exists in several accounts of Lamb's writing.

Charles would continue to work there for 25 years, until his retirement with pension (the "superannuation" he refers to in the title of one essay).

In 1792 while tending to his grandmother, Mary Field, in Hertfordshire, Charles Lamb fell in love with a young woman named Ann Simmons.

Its subsequent downfall in a pyramid scheme after Lamb left (the South Sea Bubble) would be contrasted to the company's prosperity in the first Elia essay.

On 5 April 1792 he went to work in the Accountant's Office for the British East India Company, the death of his father's employer having ruined the family's fortunes.

The essays "Dream Children", "New Year's Eve", and several others, speak of the many years that Lamb spent pursuing his love that ultimately failed.

Miss Simmons eventually went on to marry a silversmith and Lamb called the failure of the affair his "great disappointment".


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