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Select a new drive letter to rename your target device and click OK to confirm; Step 3. Sign in as administrator and type: diskpart, hit Enter to continue; 3.Enter Disk Part window and type: list disk, hit Enter; 4. Type: select disk = 0 (replace 0 with the drive number of your disk) and hit Enter; 6.Step 2: Right-click the drive that you want to change, and then click "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

It's supposed to be easy to change a drive letter to a needed one or assign a new drive letter, except the default C: for system partition/boot partition. can be chosen and used for other primary partitions or logical partitions.

Here's how you change, add or assign a letter of the alphabet to the desired drive in Windows Disk Management.

How to fix the issue of not being able to make a change to the existing hard drive letter?

For example, change D to E, or assign a new drive letter as wanted to a newly created hard drive.

So what can you do when you are unable to change drive letter with Disk Management in Windows 10?

Change Drive Letter and Paths is greyed out in Windows 10 Disk Management and you can't set a new drive letter to your hard drive partition or USB/SD card etc external storage devices? Here below, you'll find reliable methods to effectively change device letter and make Disk Management tool back to work normally again.When adding another drive, Windows will assign the next drive letter available, which in this case would be the drive letter H: So if there are some external storage devices inserted into the computer, unplug it, and try it again.If all the listed circumstances go against your case, e.g., the H letter is not being used by another internal or external drive, but it's still unavailable, then try to fix in this way. There might be some errors in the hard drive which disallow you to make any change on it.unless you can get back to that drive letter, you lose your saved state.Thanks to this post, I was able to change the drive letter for external drives in Vista and get my saved state back.If the system disk contains some file system error or bad sectors, Disk Management tool may not be able to function normally.So your next move is to check and repair system disk error that stops Disk Management tool working.Ease US free partition manager works almost the same with Windows Disk Management in managing hard drive, including change drive letter and paths, but it does even more.Check partition for errors: Run Ease US Partition Master, with which you're able to check file system errors, call Windows chkdsk.exe, Windows Scandisk application to fix errors, have a surface test. There are massive features waiting for you to explore.I use Virtual PC a lot, and it stores the full path, including drive letter, to saved state and hard disks.This is a real pain in the arse when you plug in multiple thumb drives and USB devices, and Vista changes the drive letter…


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