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People do indeed reason, but that reasoning is done primarily to prepare for social interaction, not to search for truth. This article applies the ideas of Durkheim, Tonnies, and Weber to Moral Foundations Theory.--This is the first major empirical article testing Moral Foundations Theory. We are just not very good at thinking open-mindedly about moral issues, so rationalist models end up being poor descriptions of actual moral psychology.--This article, written mostly by Joshua Greene, was my introduction to social-cognitive neuroscience. Washington DC: American Psychological Association Press. In four studies we found that liberals relied primarily on harm/care and Fairness/reciprocity, whereas conservatives relied on all five foundations. W., Bjorklund, F., de Jong, P., Haidt, J., Hursti, T. Confirming the Three-Factor Structure of the Disgust Scale-Revised in Eight Countries.

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This research was the honors thesis of Evan Rosenberg Haidt, J.

Warning Bell: Liberals Implicitly Respond to Group Morality Before Rejecting it Explicitly (under review at JPSP) Graham, J., Sherman, G. (under review at ) Kluver, J., Frazier, R., & Haidt, J. Behavioral ethics for Homo economicus, Homo heuristicus, and Homo duplex. It draws on theories, concepts and methods of social and cultural psychology to understand how societies think, how communities develop a sense of identity and how they represent controversial and important issues affecting local and global public spheres.To be considered for a place in the MSc Social and Cultural Psychology programme you should normally have a good honours degree in psychology (other related disciplines in the social and life sciences will be considered depending on experience and relation to psychology).It shows the profound influence of Shweder's ideas upon my later thinking. Personality and Individual Differences, 16, 701-713. Request article --These experiments show that people judge acts of commission to be morally worse than equivalent acts of omission, but the difference goes away when the person being judged was in a role-relationship to the victim (e.g., friend, or boss) that required him/her to look out for the interests of the other person. I formulated the "Social Intuitionist Model" as an alternative to the rationalist models that had dominated moral psychology in the 1980s and 1990s. Among the most important of these mechanisms is synchronous movement, which has been used in rituals and by militaries for thousands of years to bond groups together.--This is the most sociological article I've ever written, and its one I'm most proud of. This is one of the best pieces of empirical work I ever did. I differ from them in believing that religion is an evolutionary adaptation, not a byproduct or cultural parasite. The book has four sections: Language and Art, Writers in Context, Architecture, and Culture and Anarchy.1) Moral Psychology (particularly intuitionism and the social intuitionist model) 2) Business, and business ethics (a social psychological approach) 3) Political psychology (particularly the moral foundations of ideology) --This is the published version of my dissertation. I thought it was going to resolve the debate over whether or not facial expressions of emotion are understood universally. (I follow David Sloan Wilson on this point.) I show how their writings in fact illustrate the four basic principles of moral psychology; they do not illustrate disinterested scientific inquiry. --This article gives a medium-length overview of moral psychology. It places the history of moral psychology within 2 competing narratives about modernity, a liberal one about liberation, and a conservative one about decline and loss. For a full degree overview, fee guide and details on entry requirements, please see the Graduate Prospectus.The MSc programme comprises of a number of course units (core and option).It examined a debate between Eliott Turiel and Richard Shweder, on whether morality really varied by culture. This research showed me the importance of culture and of emotion for understanding moral judgment. But because it was published in a second level journal, nobody cites it. --This essay was given a "Sidney Award," by David Brooks (New York Times) as one of the 10 best essays of 2007 --This essay was reprinted in: J. It argues that the field of moral psychology, which is composed almost entirely of liberals, needs to pay more attention to conservative ideas and concerns. Using harmless yet offensive stories (such as a family that eats its pet dog, after the dog was killed by a car), I found evidence that strongly supported Shweder: morality did indeed vary by culture. If you would like to see my original dissertation, which gives more detail about methods and more tables of results, you can view it here.--This was our first major statement on disgust, particularly on the expansion of disgust from "core" through "animal-reminder", "interpersonal" and "moral" disgust. Rozin, P., Haidt, J., Mc Cauley, C., Dunlop, L., & Ashmore, M . Individual differences in disgust sensitivity: Comparisons and evaluations of paper-and-pencil versus behavioral measures. Request article --This was the undergraduate honors thesis of Matthew Hersh. We found that conservatives moralized sexual issues more thatn liberals, and that they were more likely to become "morally dumbfounded" while trying to explain themselves. Koole, & Tom Pyszczynski (Eds.) Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology. --This is one of the two most bizarre (and, i think interesting) empirical studies I've ever done (along with #37).


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