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As I was beginning to close my eyes in hopes of getting an extra hour of sleep I was interrupted due to the vibration coming from my phone.

As I was beginning to close my eyes in hopes of getting an extra hour of sleep I was interrupted due to the vibration coming from my phone.I rolled over answering it, it was my uncle after we exchanged greets he said seven words that would change the course of my life forever.I arrived ten minutes before eight, but I needed to hurry to class, anyways, because it was on the other side of campus. You’ve been the class rep in almost every class we’ve been in.

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My friends and I camped below Longs Peak in Colorado in a lush green meadow with a Lake nestled in the northwest corner of it.

Over a dinner of refried beans and burgers we decided to climb Longs Peak the following day. Drinking is bad, so don't do the story is when Stanley is hit in the head with a pair of stolen sneakers.

This is a good example of the traditional night is bad and day is good conception, articulated through Friar Lawrence’s commendations of the morning’s cheer on the night’s gloom.

Shakespeare inverts the familiar light versus dark perception with the idea that night allows It was a calm clear day in early June.

I try to avoid letting a customer dictate how downfall of Walter White – and this downfall can be compared to that of famous Greek tragic characters such as Oedipus in Oedipus Rex and Creon in Antigone.

Breaking Bad is a modern day Greek tragedy and Walter White is the tragic hero.Being focused and having alertness in advance to a drivers habit can save an accident each day. Nothing keeps the beasts at bay Another one lies again, have more to talk about along the way. But if loves comes my way, I'll be ready that day oh yes,,,, I will be ready. should it come unnoticed and unseen for me,,,unseen. One other thing that makes a bad boss is being inconsistent.My boss changes my work schedule sometimes three or four times in a single day.You want to lose yourself in your thoughts and the inconsequential words of others sitting or standing nearby. It is entirely acceptable for those of us over the age of twenty-one, but for those underage, even the thought is scary. When I listen to this song, I have a sense that there are tons of reasons that can make one’s day a bad day. With diet a person can eat certain foods that give bad breath can eat it only sometimes and not every day.But have people ever wondered why every little thing can destroy their day? The person can choose foods that make their breath smell better, as well.Sometimes it takes just one customer to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day, regardless of well your day may be going.When I'm in a bad mood, I tend to take it out on the people around me, whether it is my coworkers, my boss, family and friends and even sometimes customers.Unknowingly, it would become one of those days where I would regret ever going outside that house, no matter how good the day was.I wandered around the path near the lake because it was always peaceful and quiet there in the morning and the trees that hung over the wide walkway only drew me in more.The cool wind blew continuously, and some of the leaves that barely hung on to the branches were pulled along with it.They floated while dropping slowly, and one of the leaves chose my head as a landing spot.


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