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The story of Black Beauty is inspired by the events that took place in the Author’s life and the Black Beauty’s ordeal is a projection of the hardships faced by Sewell, who was rendered crippled at a very young age and was completely reliant on horses to help her get from one place to another.

The novel elucidates the problems and sufferings of the animals in a powerful manner, and lays stress upon the humans to take care of the dumb and speechless creatures that are not in a position to explain their difficulties, and express their woes with the help of words.

The novel captured the attention of the readers immediately after its publication, and moved several animal rights associations to propagate the rights of the......

The setting shows the different social classes and injustices accompanying social classification.

The rich have sparkling glasses and live a fabulous life while the poor have to endure the hunger and live in cottages.

After becoming extremely ill as a result of the harsh treatment and is taken into care by a kind farmer named Thoroughgood.

After Thoroughgood nurses Black Beauty back to health, he retreats to his life in the country with three ladies as his mistresses and he spends the remainder of his days in a safe and healthy environment.

7)Therefore, no one can really predict as to what is to come but, one must always remain optimistic about the future. She is the first British most powerful and eloquent female poet, who also participated in liberal politics.

This story is truly heartwarming and is suitable for all ages but the most important reason the story really reached out to me was because of the fact that it was the projection of the author’s ordeal and for the deep message it carries for the readers about the world and people, in general. The First Fire symbolizes the initial fire lit at the onset of autumn.

Anna Pavlova was a’ master at ballerina, and a natural at it too.

She entered the Imperial Ballet School at ten, where she worked effortlessly. Guided by discipline, dedication, and tenacity, she channeled her energy to becoming a Russian ballet legend. Module Module ID: Black Beauty First published in 1877, Black Beauty serves as one of the most influential novels in the history of English Literature created by nineteenth century English novelist Anna Sewell.


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