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Boston University Essay Prompt 2014-21
The context of a great Personal Statement is something that should be pondered and considered before committing to a final draft.

The context of a great Personal Statement is something that should be pondered and considered before committing to a final draft.

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Their experiences reveal a common aspiration, a moral imperative to make a difference.

There are precious few hours to go before your early decision college application is due.

Reprising a feature published five years ago, presents voices from a new incoming class, five 1Ls who will graduate in 2017.

They write about the horrors of war in Iraq and Afghanistan or overcoming the loss of a father to become the first in the family to go to college—and law school; about enduring racial slurs or throwing off the mantle of communist oppression to seek a brighter future in a free society.

From UA’s application: Personal Statement - For All Freshman Applicants: A personal statement is our best means of getting to know you and your best means of putting your academic performance and activities in the context of your life. When you write your personal statement, tell us about those aspects of your life that are not evident from your academic record.

Because personal statements are brief, they usually focus on one aspect of a student’s life.For instance, students are asked about their ethnicity, and asked an optional question about classifying their race—but Hispanic is not included in there.As a result, nervous high school seniors are answering white just to classify themselves as something, meaning their applications could be processed differently.“It’s really made me appreciate how simple the Common App was last year, although I think students for the most part now accept it …There’s no need for this class—the graduating class of 2014—to be guinea pigs of this new Common App.”Smitobol said beyond the major technical problems of not being able to correctly hit submit, he saw some troubling mistakes within the Common App itself.The glitches range from things as small as not being able to copy and paste your essay from Microsoft Word (the Common App now recommends you write it ahead of time in either Text Edit or Notepad, although neither of those programs have word counts) to as major as applicants not knowing for days if their application has been completed.Another reported problem involves the supplement essay—nicknamed the “Stealth Essay” now—for Cornell University: many students missed the prompt that included instructions to keep it under 500 words.“We were most concerned for our students,” Memory said.Since pushing the deadline back, Memory said they still had around 100 other applicants who could not submit their applications on time, and they have been dealing with those applicants on a case-by-case basis.Another: “The submission page on common app has been loading for 10 minutes now and I haven’t cried yet.#bestrong.”Scott Anderson, the senior director for policy at The Common Application, said the site has been improving each day.


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