Broiler Farming Business Plan

The other consideration on housing is to avoid direct sunlight – you can achieve this by aligning your housing unit along an east to west latitude.The broiler chicken housing unit must also allow for adequate and free movement for each bird. Some of the key equipment needed for a broiler poultry farming business include feeders, drinkers and lighting system.Getting good quality day old chicks plays a pivotal role in producing broiler chickens with high growth potential and good quality broiler poultry meat.

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However for medium to large scale commercial broiler poultry farming business, you have to construct broiler poultry housing designed specifically for the broilers.

Broiler chickens are sensitive to fluctuating or extreme temperatures.

Sustainability of the land must be thoroughly assessed beforehand. near major road networks, with reliable water supply, near the market and close to cheap labour.

The size of the land your business require will depend on the scale of your broiler chicken farming business.

Some of the sales avenues are selling them as live birds, selling them after slaughtering as whole birds or selling them as apportioned chicken pieces.

This article will outline how to start a broiler poultry farming business in South Africa, and the broiler poultry farming business plan – PDF, Word and Excel.

Proper housing is required for your broiler chickens.

For small scale broiler poultry farming business you can make use of existing infrastructure that you have.

To maximise profit in the commercial broiler chicken farming business, you should minimise the costs, minimise mortality, and optimise for the target weight of the broilers. There are many stock feed companies in South Africa which sell broiler chicken feeds.

Broiler chicken feeds are formulated to provide all the necessary nutrients required for the health and efficient growth of the chickens.


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