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You may be planning just to buy a sewing machine and get straight to work, but even this is a time and resource commitment.

If you’re investing effort and have goals for the future, put down in writing how your business will take shape, including plans and ideas for: For any clothing business, one of the most exciting stages is product development.

You’ll need to finish off with a solid section clearly outlining your business’ current financial position (even if this is very initial), priorities for growth, and how their investment will help things to fly.

Even if you’re not writing a full-on business plan, the same principles apply when organising your startup.

You’ll also need to include the analysis you’ve done, to understand your target market and any competitors.

Remember, this does need to be data-oriented, concrete and preferably something you’ve done with external sources.Try to allow room for flexibility – you may not know the price of specific materials yet, for example, or manufacturing costs – but having that original budget in mind will help you make the decisions that drive your first sales.Your budget will also depend on whether you plan to design and make the clothes yourself (or with a manufacturer), or buy clothes from designers at wholesale price. Invest in smaller designers and/or basic equipment to start off with and as demand grows, you can review your key outgoings.Starting a clothing business is a very personal journey.You’re probably a creative person, with something different to offer in a fast-moving industry.It could also be a clothing business that’s born out of a particular need or ethos, from cruelty-free clothing to premature baby accessories. Even if you branch out and introduce lots of other designs as time goes by, your original idea gives you heritage, a guiding principle, and a reason to be remembered.If this is really just a shoestring idea, and you’re testing your designs on a small scale, you might not need a full-on business plan to get started. It can be an all-consuming process but with that first sample run and customer sale comes great satisfaction.Use our nine-step plan to starting a clothing business.It can’t just be your personal view of what’s wrong with the current market options (although there’s a place for this too!) Your plan should also outline who’s involved in your business and what they do, whether it’s just you, or you’re working with anyone else.


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