Business Plan For Chicken Farm

Big companies such as KARI, Kenchic, as well as Kukuchic are among the agents that you can buy your chicken breed from.It is very essential to have a good location of your poultry farm so that it can give you assurance of gaining best returns that we result from the success of your business.In this way, you will be reducing your chances of getting loses.

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Poultry farming in Kenya has become one of the businesses in the country that is considered to be profitable as far as it is done in the right manner.

Many have given success stories of the poultry farming and this has led to many Kenyans showing interest and it is time we answer you on everything that concerns the business plan of commercial poultry farming. Well, it is raising birds that can be domesticated such as the geese, chickens, ducks, as well as turkeys to get eggs and meat in return.

For instance, if you locate your farm on a densely populated area, you will definitely never lack market of your poultry products.

It is also vital to consider the availability of land, a cheap one will make your capital start-up to be less.

In simple words, you should consider your favorability as well as that of the community around you.

A good poultry house system that is properly fenced is very vital and it will also contribute widely to the success of your business.Earlier, we informed you that most prefer to rear the domestic fowl and therefore making us to focus on them.The commercial breeds of chickens in Kenya include the kuroiler, sasso.You can also specialize in poultry equipment manufacturing, poultry marketing and consultancy, poultry feed production or go for egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing.Before you decide on a poultry niche to venture in, you have to at least do your own research and get to understand which one of them is more profitable in your area.They are reared for the purpose of both the meat as well as the eggs. One thing to pay attention to is if the hatchery is free of poultry diseases.The good bit about rearing this breed of chicken is the fact that they are resistant to diseases when compared to other breeds, they have a tendency of growing fast in approximate 5 months time. If you want to start on a small-scale then the capital to invest will be much less compared to that farmer who wants to do the business at a large-scale. The best hatchery are those that the government of Kenya have certified due to their health.Below are the things you need to consider before starting that dream poultry farming business.Poultry farming is wide and you have to specialize in one niche for you to succeed.In Kenya, most farmers tend to rear chickens because its meat and eggs tend to be in a great sought-after compared to the other types of birds. If yes, read on and get some tips that will be helpful to you.A business plan on poultry farming is a mind opener for any potential poultry farmer.


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