Business Plan Microbrewery

Sam started the search for capital by going to usual suspects by scheduling appointments with the local banks.Sam had already prepared a business plan for his craft brewery, but was quickly turned down for a business loan by the banks and credit unions he approached.Sam selected a location in an industrial area that’s 2160 square feet.

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The location being considered was near the center of the city and accessible by a lot of major roads.

In Sam’s situation, most of the startup cash would go toward funding the rent for the location and getting it outfitted / transformed into a brewery.

Not only do you to find an environment that is safe, inviting, and has a big enough customer base nearby.

But you also need to locate a spot that’s large enough to store your brewing equipment, have a tasting room with sufficient seating and fit your budget all at the same time.

This was the moment Sam recognized that he was onto something that could be bigger than a part-time hobby.

When entrepreneurs set out to build a new business one of the first challenges encountered is raising enough money for it to get off the ground. When Sam started seeking a small business loan for his concept, he faced a lot of rejection.

While Sam was in the process of figuring out how to pull together the money needed to start his business, a family tragedy struck.

Sam’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed within one year.

Sam had its limitations, Sam quickly returned to the home brew shop where it was purchased to ask questions about ways he could have more control over beer recipes and the equipment it would take to execute. Sam returned home that day with a roaster pan and stock pots from the local home brew store and began to develop what would be his first recipe.

Using a computer program called , a tool that helps you work out the right percentages of ingredients to make beer, Sam began to experiment and learn what worked and didn’t work in terms of brewing.


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