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For the seminar business, these costs range from ,000 to ,000.One of the many nifty things about the seminar business is that its startup costs are comparatively low.This is not, for example, a career for the creativity-challenged.

Business networking groups are prime candidates for programs on motivation, time management, organization, positive thinking and goal-achievement.

Medical societies want to hear about insurance issues, new surgical techniques and office management.

You must be able to keep an audience interested and entertained for the length of your seminar and beyond.

This doesn't mean you need to be trained by both the Royal Shakespeare Academy and the Ringling Brothers Circus school, just that you need to have a natural enthusiasm for your subjects and be able to communicate it. All sorts of people who hope to gain all sorts of insights. Large corporations, having gone through the economic and emotional trauma of downsizing, often decide that hiring out training and motivational seminars is more cost-effective than developing them in-house.

Seminars must be planned and organized months in advance, with everything from the topic and speaker to the dining reservations nailed down early on.

And if you plan on presenting your own programs, this isn't--obviously--a career for the terminally shy or the terminally boring.

As a seminar professional, you can choose from among three different operating modes. act as a speaker, trainer or presenter, working directly with your audiences and booking your programs on your own or through a speakers bureau (which is sort of like a talent agency) 2.

act as a promoter, seminar company or training firm, setting up programs and engaging other people to do the speaking, training or presenting 3.

do both, setting up programs at which you present and at which you also bring others on board to share the speaking or training chores Most seminar professionals choose the first option, but you can go with any one that feels comfortable to you.

Not everybody is cut out to be a seminar production professional.


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