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And the way it’s written and present on the internet is very ambiguous.In addition, he added as, in math, there are lots of time such an ambiguous situation happens.Every few months, the Internet eats itself over some kind of viral riddle or illusion, each more infuriating than the last.

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Andrew: hooooo boyi just got off the phone with the american mathematical societywhat a rollercoaster this is turning out to bemy man mike with the AMS, whose job it is to explicitly answer questions like this one, says the answer is ...

Brad: 42Tyler Daswick, associate features editor: secretly the best answer here Andrew: SIXTEEN Andrew, minutes later: why is no one reacting appropriately to this news Brad: Because he's wrong. Andrew: he says (and i'll have to go back to the transcript) that using *traditional* order of operations, the answer is 16Matt Phillips, senior test editor: Andrew, my brother has a Ph D in theoretical physics and writes papers with titles like…

Part of the world use PEMDAS method, and others use BODMAS method.

Its a type of ambiguous equation, one can solve this by either method and answer also varied.

These kinds of conundrums are purposely meant to divide and conquer, and predictably, the seemingly simple problem posed in the offending tweet—8÷2(2 2)—practically caused a civil war in the magazines. Bobby Lea, test editor (and three-time Olympic cyclist): i ride bikes Matt Allyn, features director: for anyone that wants a longer explanation of why you divide before multiply in this case Pat Heine, video producer: ..writes out PEMDAS and then does PEDMASMatt: you clearly didn't listen Pat: i didn't...i was busy correcting her math. Matt: ok, Derek, the video's for you Pat: if you get 16 it's because you don't know the difference between brackets and parentheses.

Naturally, we took to Slack to hash out our differences. Morgan Petruny, test editor: I agree with Derek and disagree with You Tube. Bobby: This sounds like a conversation the belongs on the Not My Job segment of Katie Fogel, social media editor: polling our IG audience on this now...Dan Roe, test editor: Right but it's multiplication/division, not multiplication then division Morgan: BUT multiplication with parentheses trumps division. Kit Fox, special projects editor: Isn’t the question and ambiguity here on when the parentheses disappear? Or do they go away once you solve the mini equation inside the parens first. I am on team 1I also have not taken a math class in over 10 years Trevor Raab, photographer: My question is to what real world scenario would this apply to Brad Ford, test editor: Math class?Trevor: ahh the classic learn to do math to learn to do more math Bobby: school ain't real world Morgan: Generating heated and polarizing office discussion Brad: Bobby, tell that to a 6th grader.Here’s a heated chat between the editors who stopped doing any semblance of actual work for the day to solve an equation designed to flummox fourth graders—and make many enemies in the process—followed by insight from real mathematicians and physicists who begrudgingly responded to our request for comment to solve the enraging math debate, once and for all. What if you want to do it the long way and use the distributive property and distribute the 2 first? Or does the distributive property suddenly no longer apply? Derek: I trust Morgan because she's had a math class this decade. Dan: smart Berkley people say it's too ambiguous to say; PEMDAS isn't a mathematical convention as much as a teaching method Pat: multiplication/division::right/wrong Taylor Rojek, associate features editor: Biggest takeaway isn't that anyone sucks at doing math, but that this person sucks at writing out clear equations Bill Strickland, editorial director: MAKE IT CONTENT! Pat: The equation is not written according to ISO standards, leaving ambiguity of interpretation and the real answer is we need to teach better math writing.Pat: Wikipedia says you hate America if you get 16. Ambiguous PEMDASAmbiguous problems, order of operations, PEMDAS, BEMDAS, BEDMASaka..Taylor said, but from Harvard Morgan: aka...teach the distributive property instead of random acronyms Pat: When written according to ISO standard, the answer is 1.So the answer to this Viral Math Problem is either 1 or 16.Read Also: Antonio Garza So we conclude that for such type of uncertain equation, we can use any certified method.These days many on the internet go crazy on solving the mathematical equation 8/2(2 2)=? The equation went viral on the internet over the past few days.Because of this, there is a lot of discussion and confusion happens on tweeter regarding this Viral Math Problem.How you deal with challenges will often determine your success and happiness.If you’re stuck on how to solve a problem, try defining it and breaking it into smaller pieces.


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