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Practice reading case studies available online and evaluate your performance.

Case Study 2 House of Cards Marketing 30015 Written : Francesca Pecchenino Emilie Krogh Hallin 3019396 Hanna 3019684 1 1.

Choosing Netflix, they are taking a risk, as Netflix has never marketed an original show before.

The last concern came from a previous failure of the company with a series about Silicon Valley, where they chose to launch it through an online service called Epix and unfortunately the series never made it to air.

The second concern was to do with the marketing of the series.

If MRC had chosen to work with one of the established premium cable networks, they would have a secure knowledge of how an original show would be marketed.Problem solving: Any case study presents a situation or a problem asking for an opinion or a solution.Go through all the alternative solutions possible and don't just support a solution but write down pros and cons and project the best alternative as a probable solution.Since House of Cards would be a new product for Netflix, which will enter a new market, the TV series production industry, we can assume they are using diversification as their growth strategy. If they bet on, for example, HBO, a safe player but we believe that the success would wear 4 off fast because the market is changing (product life cycle).diversifying as a brand, Netflix establishes themselves as producers and at the same time they block the competitors from gaining anything from the success of the show in the two first seasons. Netflix offers the entire season at once, there not making consumers addicted and impatient.Please describe the competitive forces in the marketing environment of Netflix. To know and understand your competitors, you have to analyze both the micro and macro environment.The average American watches as much as five hours of television everyday, and of them own at least a TV set, and own a computer with Internet access.Why do we have to follow the schedule of a TV network, when we are the customers and they have to adapt to our lifestyle? To sit down in front of the TV at the same day at the same time correlate with the generation lifestyle. Why is Netflix so keen on purchasing House of Cards? First of all, the concept that MRC is offering is great, since it has strong potential.purchasing House of Cards, Netflix entered the industry, which previously was mainly dominated the premium cable networks.For example, how FX created an original series called and how AMC created and Basic cable networks still rely on revenue coming from advertisements, while Premium cable networks are free from advertisements.Premium cable networks rely on subscription fees paid viewers and that come on top of the basic cable package.


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