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If I cant have long hair or any fun, I can have a cat."(pg57) Suggesting that her husband will not allow her to have long hair or any fun.She wants this cat so bad, in order to hold it, pet it, and love it, symbolizing what she wants physically, to be held and touched, and emotionally, to be loved and cared for.Both short stories contain abundant instances of gender bias.

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The imagery of absence of fertility is also suggested by the "man in a rubber cape".

For John Hagopian, "the rubber cape is protection from rain, and rain is a fundamental necessity for fertility, and fertility is precisely what is lacking in the American wife's marriage"[3] (p.231).

In a symbolic reading, the opening paragraph In such a text it is significant when a word or term is repeated.

The "rain" becomes symbolic because for the nature it means fertility.

Her husband is the source of her emotional despair.

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He leaves her drowning in a storm of indifference and lack of affection.

In Cat in the Rain, the victim is an American girl who is married to a man indifferent to her wishes and needs.

In the case of Sweat, Sykes is the abusive husband of Delia who pushes her to dire desperation.

All this physical description - the rain, the war monument, the emptiness of the square - foreshadow the depressive state of the central character, the American wife and contribute to the meaning of the story as a whole.

Moreover, the first paragraph also sets a certain tension. Even when the maid laughs because the American wife is looking for a cat in the rain, the next sentence "when she talked English, the maid's face tightened" (l.44), eliminates any possibility of a light of humorous mood.


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