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People started spending their free time entertaining themselves in theatres, concert halls and sports facilities or enjoying the countryside in long promenades.

Most important, however, 19th-century Britain experienced political unrest as the industrialization and urbanization of the country created a need for social and political change.

This creates even more jobs and demands for housing, thus establishing an urban area.

In the modern era, manufacturing facilities like factories are often replaced by technology-industry hubs.

Industrialization is the process by which an economy is transformed from primarily agricultural to one based on the manufacturing of goods.

Individual manual labor is often replaced by mechanized mass production, and craftsmen are replaced by assembly lines.The industrial and economic developments of the Industrial Revolution brought significant social changes.Industrialization resulted in an increase in population and the phenomenon of urbanization, as a growing number of people moved to urban centres in search of employment.Urbanization typically begins when a factory or multiple factories are established within a region, thus creating a high demand for factory labor.Other businesses such as building manufacturers, retailers, and service providers then follow the factories to meet the product demands of the workers.As this essay has sought to indicate, the iconography of the banknotes of the time, so well represented in the British Museum’s collection, shows a narrative of agricultural, industrial and maritime prosperity alongside an architectural boom – a positive, and indeed somewhat idealized, picture of wellbeing and progress.Industrialization has historically led to urbanization by creating economic growth and job opportunities that draw people to cities.Characteristics of industrialization include economic growth, more efficient division of labor, and the use of technological innovation to solve problems as opposed to dependency on conditions outside human control.Industrialization is most commonly associated with the European Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.Industrialization also occurred in the United States between the 1880s and the Great Depression.The onset of the Second World War also led to a great deal of industrialization, which resulted in the growth and development of large urban centers and suburbs.


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