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I don't speak from personal experience but I definitely know about this matter.

Most English teachers have probably been teaching the books or poems you are studying for a few years now.

Therefore, teachers will know the information and the way the information was written from certain websites.

This means they will know if the work you had written was originally yours.I was also curious as to who the moderators even are.Are they just average teachers who are paid extra and just mark other school's work?In answer to your second question, examiners/moderators are usually past teachers in their specified subject who will have a good understanding of the controlled assessments they're marking.They can also be people who devote their lives (but I don't there are a lot of those around). However, it's definitely advised to research information but to PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS!Plagiarism is a leading plagiarism checking website that will provide you with an accurate report during a short timeframe.Prior to submitting your home assignments, run them through our plagiarism checker to make sure your content is authentic.It is not only because of impeccable features of our plagiarism detection but also due to customer support service that will provide answers to all your questions in a timely manner.We have established a pool of more than 20,000 clients.They most likely have a degree in the subject- basically, they're highly qualified and are professionals.When teachers research about the book for lesson materials, they, obviously, come across a lot of websites and recommended sites of the Internet from other teachers or the exam board.


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