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Liposomes: These have been extensively explored and most developed nano carriers for novel and targeted drug delivery due to their small size, these are 50-200 nm in size.

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Anna Pratima Nikalje Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Y. Visit for more related articles at Medicinal Chemistry Nanotechnologyis the study of extremely small structures, having size of 0.1 to 100 nm.

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First center for nano mechanical systems was established, Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology was warded for designing stable protein structures and for constructing a novel enzyme with an altered function. Nano scale and Nanostructures The nano scale is the place where the properties of most common things are determined just above the scale of an atom.

Nano scale objects have at least one dimension (height, length, depth) that measures between 1 and 999 nanometers (1-999 nm) (Figure 1).

Nano medicine is a relatively new field of science and technology.

Brief explanation of various types of pharmaceutical nano systems is given.Nano devices; Nano material; Nano medicine; Nano pharmaceutics; Drug delivery S Advancement in the field of nanotechnology and its applications to the field of medicines and pharmaceuticals has revolutionized the twentieth century.Nanotechnology [1] is the study of extremely small structures.Dendrimers: Dendrimers are hyper branched, tree-like structures.It contains three different regions: core moiety, branching units, and closely packed surface (Figure 5).The development in the field of nanotechnology started in 1958 and the various stages of development have been summarized in Table 1.First policy conference on advanced nanotech was held.Liposomes are biocompatible, versatile and have good entrapment efficiency.It finds application as long circulatory and in passive and active delivery of gene, protein and peptide.Metallic nano particles: Metallic nano particles have used in drug delivery, especially in treatment of cancer and also in biosensors.Amongst various metals, silver and gold nano particles are of prime importance for biomedical use (Figure 3).


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