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Boys Here are some fun ideas for dads and preteen boys.* Make a meal for Mom – Get together with your son and plan a meal for his mom (or step-mom, aunt, grandmother, or other woman who means a lot to you both). You and your son can plan the whole meal, from shopping list to serving, and do all the steps together.* Fishing – Old-fashioned but fun, fishing with Dad can provide a lifetime of memories.This helps teach your son how to be helpful and do things for the women in his life (his future wife will thank you! You don’t necessarily have to have any elaborate equipment or a fancy boat; many local parks and forests allow fishing in their creeks, ponds, lakes, and so forth.* Get together with other dads – See if you can get together with your son’s friend’s dads, and plan a group outing.

For preteens – that is, children aged approximately 9 to 12 – there are some special times you can spend together.

Here are some tips for dads who are looking for ways to spend time with their preteens. Breakfast foods tend to be forgiving and leave room for creativity (like Belgian waffles with personalized toppings).

Like all forms of procrastination, this has the effect of making the entire process take much longer than it needs to.

When parents turn the homework ritual into a series of conversations about what needs to be done, how, and for how long, children feel less “alone” with their nightly work, they relish the company and support of their parent, and they work better and more efficiently.

Parents feel it, too — it’s no one’s favorite time of day.

But despite its bad rap, homework plays an important role in ensuring that students can execute tasks independently.

Your presence sends the message that homework is important business, not to be taken lightly.

Once you’re sitting down with your child, ask him to unload his school bag and talk you through his various assignments.

You can go hiking or biking, or just go to a movie together. The point is, getting with other dads can help you with other ideas for get-togethers and your son will get to spend time with you and his friends.* Camping – Taking your son camping can be as elaborate as a weekend overnight in an RV or as simple as a day in the forest with a campfire lunch.

Camping is something that preteen boys tend to really enjoy.


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