Child Observation Assignment

Child Observation Assignment-50
If the unaccompanied alien child is not literate, the care provider must verbally explain all the documents in the unaccompanied alien child’s native or preferred language.

The UAC Assessment is used by the care provider as the basis for an initial release plan for the unaccompanied alien child and is the initial form used to evaluate the child or youth for services.

An unaccompanied alien child may not be transferred to another ORR care provider or released from ORR custody to a sponsor until the care provider has completed the assessment.

If the unaccompanied alien child’s responses to questions during the , initial medical examination, or other assessments indicate the possibility that the child may have been a victim of human trafficking, the care provider notifies the Office of Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) within 24 hours.

Care providers must have a standardized orientation that is provided to all admitted unaccompanied alien children.

Care providers must comply with all applicable State child welfare laws and regulations and all State and local building, fire, health and safety codes.

Care providers must deliver services in a manner that is sensitive to the age, culture, native language, and needs of each unaccompanied alien child.

Once the care provider has physical custody of the unaccompanied alien child, the care provider must complete the admissions and orientation process.

Care provider staff must be trained in techniques for child-friendly and trauma-informed interviewing, assessment, observation and other techniques.

Care providers must have accountability systems in place which preserve the confidentiality of client information and protect the records from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Under the terms of the Flores Settlement Agreement, care providers must provide the following minimum services Within 5 days of an unaccompanied alien child’s admission, a trained staff member conducts an assessment that covers biographic, family, legal/migration, medical, substance abuse, and mental health history (the UAC Assessment).


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