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China History Essay Questions-7
--The life and work of Sun Yat-sen --The career of Chiang Kai-shek --Mao Zedong's philosophy of revolution --Sino-Soviet relations, 1923 to the present --Industrial development in the PRC --Educational changes in China --The "Cultural Revolution" in China --The changing role of women in Japan --Changing U. S.-Chinese relations since 1949 --The rise of militant nationalism in Japan --Liberal and antiwar sentiment in Japan during the period 1919-1941 --Industrial and technological developments in postwar Japan --The character and role of political parties in Japan --Japanese-American relations since the Occupation --Taiwan under Chinese Nationalist rule REVIEW: World Civilizations created by Thomas Pearcy, Ph.

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Brandishing little red books of Quotations of Chairman Mao, the uniformed Red Guards broke into and ransacked the houses of intellectuals and officials, denouncing them and parading them through the streets with dunce caps on their heads.

Professors and artists were forced to stand on platforms for hours, bent with their arms stretched back, confessing their "crimes." A countless number died from beatings or suicides.

"Young fighters" which referred to the red Guards make the people see them as an energetic campaign, which promotes communism.

"All nationalities love you strongly" refers to the people of all ethnic groups of China. "You should go to the masses and be one with them and carry on the great proletarian Cultural Revolution even better" this massage meant to be a warning to persuade people to join the Red Guards.

Schools were closed, and Red Guards were given free railway passes to travel around the country to wage war against revisionism and the "Four Olds": old ideas, culture, customs, and habits.

This movement resulted in the senseless destruction of books, temples, and art.

People are convinced by these ideas of Mao thorough propaganda. Study source B What impression is the artist trying to give of the Cultural Revolution? Artists during Mao's times were expected to promote government propaganda.

The artist's intention was the give the impression of a joy and wonderful event.

Introduction Bangkok Patana School IGCSE History Coursework Arisara Kohphet History coursework assignment A: China 1945-90 1. What do you think was the purpose of the newspaper in publishing the description?

Use the source and your knowledge of the period to explain your answer.


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