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But it does not matter, because this is a world of alternative facts.The media commentary is mostly propaganda and ideology.So, if you look at the news on Facebook, it comes straight from the major media. As far as the major media are concerned, there is no fundamental difference.

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The reason for this was that we went through the media and said, “We don’t know what the facts are, we can’t know, but we will compare the facts available with what came out of the media filter,” and it was grotesque: There was lying at a level that would have astonished Stalin. We recently published a new edition of the book, and we didn’t change a comma, because there was nothing wrong with it.

But that is the kind of reaction you get with Manufacturing Consent.

But there was a huge attack on our discussion of Cambodia.

There was a huge literature on this, trying to show that we were apologists for Pol Pot. Look it up, you will find a ton of literature about it.

AM: It’s now been almost 30 years since its publication, and the media landscape has, in many ways, changed greatly since 1988.

I think perhaps the largest difference is the arrival of the internet and social media.

AM: And what was the reaction to it when it came out? One, the attack on the media, [the other] the documentary basis. the facts were there, but not the framework of discussion. Journalists would much prefer to be regarded as aggressive, independent, thinking for themselves, and if they were treacherous, well, OK, maybe they went overboard attacking the U. There were very few reviews of the book, but there was one critical discussion that I wrote about later, by Nicholas Lehmann [New Republic, 1/9/89], a well-known scholar of journalism, who wrote a review in which he disparaged it, saying, “This doesn’t mean anything.”For example, he discussed the chapter comparing the assassinations of a hundred religious martyrs in Central America, including an archbishop, American nuns and leading Latin American intellectuals—where there was virtually no coverage—with the coverage of the assassination of one Polish priest, where the assassins were immediately apprehended, tried, sentenced to jail—where there was vast reportage.

This was one of our many examples of the way in which “worthy victims” are treated, as compared with “unworthy victims.”He said, “Well, this doesn’t mean anything, it is just because the media focused on one thing at a time, and they happened to be focusing on Poland, not El Salvador.” So, out of curiosity, I went to the New York Times index, and it turned out there was more coverage of El Salvador than of Poland during that period.


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