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The Rose Playhouse was a principal rival to Shakespeare and his Lord Chamberlain's Men, although Shakespeare did sell his plays to perform there too.It was owned by Philip Henslow, who's memorably portrayed in the 1998 movie, Henslow left a detailed diary which has been very useful to shed light onto the intricacies of theatre operations during this period, including providing the only known box-receipts for Shakespeare's plays.

John Heminge and Henry Condel, editors of The First Folio, were also members of Lord Strange’s Men, Lord Chamberlain's Men and the King's Men, thus may have known Shakespeare for 25-30 years.

Their partly fictionalized story about getting the First Folio published was turned into a comedic play in 2017 called by Lauren Gunderson.

James Burbage’s son Richard was reputedly Shakespeare's best friend and male lead actor for over twenty-five years; they may even have grown up together in Stratford as a Burbage family is recorded to have lived there at the same time.

They were so close that all of Richard's children were named after "Will" and his family.

By being so pivotal at this inception of entertainment as we know it today and with the extraordinarily fortunate survival of his works, Shakespeare became an unwitting architect of our ways of seeing the world.

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His plays were staged for the public when acting plays had only first been permitted under law and took place in the first purpose-built permanent theaters in London: The Theatre, The Curtain, The Rose, and Blackfriars.The first performance of possibly occurred at the home of the Lord Chamberlain, Baron Hunsdson, cousin to Queen Elizabeth I, in honor of his daughter’s wedding in 1596.Shakespeare is recorded several times to have received payments by the royal court for theater work.THE ICONIC “CHANDOS PORTRAIT” CIRCA 1610 (NOTE THE EARRING) PAINTED BY EITHER JOHN TAYLOR OR RICHARD BURBAGE.IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE BASIS FOR THE FIRST FOLIO AND THE BURIAL MONUMENT.In the Master of the Revels' accounts for 1604-1605, Shakespeare is named seven times as the author of plays performed by the King's Men before King James I.The King's Men performed close to thirty plays before James I at the beginning of his reign from 1603-1606 and a prominent modern Shakespeare scholar, James Shapiro in his book , posits that it's likely over twenty of them were by Shakespeare.William Shakespeare, born the humble son of a country tradesman and despite never earning a university degree, became a leading force on the English stage as a writer, actor, director, and owner associated with many of the theatrical companies that existed at the time: the Lord Chamberlain's Men which became the King's Men, the Earl of Leicester's Men, Lord Strange's Men, Admiral's Men, and Lord Pembroke's Men.By also being an actor is how he became such a brilliant playwright.IT WAS GIVEN TO THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT MUSEUM IN LONDON ON ITS FOUNDATION IN 1856." THE ICONIC “CHANDOS PORTRAIT” CIRCA 1610 (NOTE THE EARRING) PAINTED BY EITHER JOHN TAYLOR OR RICHARD BURBAGE.IT WAS GIVEN TO THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT MUSEUM IN LONDON ON ITS FOUNDATION IN 1856.


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