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For example, if you set out to study the link between prenatal nutrition and depression, you may find that plenty of research has been done on how prenatal nutrition affects future depression in the child but not enough on how it affects depression in the mother.

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Or you may find that researchers omitted key data because the data didn't fit with their established hypothesis.

Take the same objective approach to analyzing your own research.

Any potential biases could threaten the results of your work.

A conceptual framework can be either graphic or narrative, or a combination of the two.

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For example, a conceptual framework for a research project on the works of Jane Austen would look at not just academic essays and books about her work but also film adaptations of her novels, spinoffs inspired by her work, biographical texts and even letters and journals written by the author.

A conceptual framework must look at multiple disciplines to adequately frame the research project.

This emphasis enables the identification of the winners and losers from trade reform in both the short run and in the longer term.

It also allows the “endogenization” of the domestic institutional and policy environment in order to identify other domestic reforms that may have modified the impact of trade reforms.


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