Controversial Topics To Write A Research Paper On

Just in case you are not sure what a controversial essay is and what to look out for, just scroll to the bottom of the article to find out and come back to this section again when you are ready to choose your topic.

Okay, I do know how smart the teens these days are! As for me, I propose you another list of topics suited for a college and school research work: Here is a list of controversial topics with a focus on argumentation and a format that would be suitable for a speech.

In this article, we have prepared a list of strong controversial essay topics suitable for each category of students from the school children to college student researchers and those who want to start a debate on general controversial issues. Well, I actually do have several controversial essay examples for you to check out from our vast database of successful essays written and kindly shared by students and the college graduates.

See these examples with our comments to each: Let us start with the easier controversial topics that will fit the teenagers!

Students are sometimes timid about writing controversial essays because such reports require a learner to express strong opinions about a subject that many people have strong opinions about—thus opening themselves to criticism.

However, learners should remember that there are multiple perspectives on all issues, and their opinions are valid, so long as they can be supported with sound reasoning and evidence.

Your essay should not resemble an emotional speech, however, such a technique may be used to create a stronger support of your arguments.

Let us take “Legalization of Arms and Gun Control” topic as an example.

🙂With these topics in hands, let us continue to explore the most questionable topics! After all, a good helpful trick is to think of your work as of a speech.

Here are some more topic ideas for you: If you need something even more spicy and hot 🌶, check out the most critical topics for the 2018 – 2019 academic year below!


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