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However, literature is not the only time that revenge and justice is discussed in.Works and Rules and real-life events that took place like the Bible, Hammurabi’s code, Twelve Tables, and others each have something different about the topic.The Count of Monte Cristo/ Edmond Dantes put Danglars in the same/ if not better conditions than he was in during the original sin.

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For the first time he comes to the realization that perhaps he doesn't have the gift of Providence, the right to punish others.

In efforts to reconcile these feelings, Monte Cristo arranges the marriage between Maximilien and Valentine.

This concept is also present in the Count of Monte Cristo.

After Danglars deceives the leaders of France and frames Edmond Dantes, Dantes is put into prison for fourteen years. He does so by entrapping Danglars in a “chalky stone grotto (Dumas 1218).” Edmond Dantes’ revenge on Danglars was not as bad as the original wrong in which Danglars first committed.

Fourteen years behind bars in a dark cell has given him a criminal's mind.

Instead of the innocent, carefree, life-loving boy of nineteen, Dantes is now a hardened, cynical, and mistrustful man in his mid-thirties.

Throughout the story, Dantes changes disguises in order to deceive those around him and further his own agenda of punishment for his enemies.

Yet when he sees Villefort's dead son, a truly innocent victim, the count realizes that he has gone too far.

Now the count, not his enemies, plays games with those he dislikes.

Though he rewards those who treated him and his father well, most of the story is devoted to Monte Cristo's desire for vengeance.


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