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Amy treats us to a first-class, hard-hitting evaluation of e-book readers.

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To get the same books at the same time at the same price is our goal, but this list is incomplete if we don’t add to it the demand that we receive the same quality in presentation that our sighted friends and neighbors enjoy.

Jumpbook textbooks are provided by either Course Smart or Vital Source.

Course Smart titles are accessed online with the ability to checkout titles for offline reading. Please note the format as indicated on your Digital Bookshelf. recommends that you download your Jumpbook to a non-public computer (a personal computer or laptop) to ensure that you can successfully retrieve the file after download. Jumpbooks are designed to be downloaded by a single user, on one computer. The Jumpbook expiration date can be located on the back of each Jumpbook tag in the bookstore.

Jumpbooks provided by Course Smart are eligible for a full refund if: Can I use my Jumpbook on my i Phone, i Pad, Android, or other mobile device?

You can read your Jumpbooks provided by Course Smart on supported mobile devices such as Android mobile devices, i Phones and i Pads.


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