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This can be a particular programming language, software or anything else.

You can also mention certifications you have earned for it.

Hiring managers are very categorical with the skills they look for when it comes to software developer jobs.

I would love to chat with you about this opportunity a bit more.

I remember the first time I got an email like this I was actually pretty excited; it felt like a bit of validation for me as a developer and so I called them back.

Now is the best time to talk about achievements you have helped any company you have worked for in the past make.

Hiring managers normally have to review hundreds or even thousands of cover letters at any one time.Another reason why I love doing challenging projects is that they give me an opportunity to put my problem-solving skills to the test.I have a vast amount of experience in software development, using HTML, CSS and Java languages.In my previous employment with Software Ventures Ltd, as a software developer, I was able to develop CCTV camera surveillance software called Gibo Spy.Over 80 percent of the latest CCTV camera systems now use this software.Other reasons could be that they never emphasized how they would contribute to the company’s future growth or their letter was just too generic and fluffy.Every IT job will require experience in certain areas.When you reach out to a company, you want to tell a story about how you are going to fulfill their needs.The resume alone usually doesn’t do this because it’s all about you, and the cover letter alone doesn’t do this because there’s nothing to back it up.In software development, every new project comes with its own challenges.I love undertaking challenging projects because I get to experience a sense of fulfillment, following the completion of one.


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