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Here are some of the best writing applications for creative writers that are currently available.Google Docs has a reputation as an accessible and collaborative writing program.

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This is especially true if you’re working with other people on the same file, as Google Docs allows multiple individuals to work on a single document.

Another upside to Google Docs: it has a very low learning curve, which means that you won’t struggle to adjust to the application.

Visit: Hemingway App (Free)Download: Hemingway for Windows | mac OS ($19.99)As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there’s a lot of demand for writers these days.

In order to compete and make the best use of your time, it’s essential that you have the right tools for the job. Another great thing about the programs listed here is that both Scrivener and Dabble offer trial runs. It’s free to use as an individual, and all you require is a Google account.

Because of this, you need the best tools of the trade so you can be a productive writer.

When you have the right kind of tools, it can help you cut back on the time you have to spend on your writing.Google Docs is best for anyone who needs to work online and remotely.It’s also good for people who need to switch between different devices to write on the same thing.This means that you can work on your document through your browser. The major difference with other applications like Google Docs is that Dabble is subscription-based.When choosing between the two programs this price point could potentially be an issue.In the current age of internet connectivity—where almost everything we do is online—it has become ubiquitous at home and in the workplace.Google Docs may be free for personal use, but just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it is less versatile than old-school titans like Microsoft.Knowing how to use Microsoft Word can mean the difference between getting that office job or not. In my own experience, I find it’s best utilized when you’re on the PC, as you retain more of the natural versatility of the program.Because of its sprawling number of customizations, Microsoft Word is good for a large variety of writing professions and purposes. If you’re looking for more information, here’s a list of add-ons that you can install to make Microsoft Word easier to use Download: Microsoft Word for Windows | mac OS (Office 365 Subscription)Download: Microsoft Word for Android | i OS (Free, in-app purchase)Scrivener hasn’t been around for as long as Microsoft Word, but it’s definitely not new.It’s been gaining traction over the years as an alternative to the old-school favorite.As an incredibly in-depth outlining application, Scrivener is perfect for anyone who is writing a novel.


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