Critical Thinking Larry Wright

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The professor is extremely boring and attendance is a MUST if you wish to pass. I asked for help couple of times but only gained more confusion. Larry is one of the most animated and humorous philosophers I've met.

There's hwk due every first lecture, quiz the next, and another quiz in your discussion.

Critical Thinking distinguishes itself from other texts in the field by emphasizing analytical reading as an essential skill.

It also provides detailed coverage of argument analysis, diagnostic arguments, diagnostic patterns, and fallacies.

He wrote the textbook, and it's REALLY boring to read. The material for the Critical Thinking course is pretty boring, but he makes it easy to understand, so you cannot miss lecture. do not miss this class because there are assigments and quizes due everyday. grading scale is abnormal and he isn't much help at all!

you HAVE to go to class b/c he makes you hand in HW on Tues, short quiz on Thurs, and big quiz on Friday. Just make sure to attend class because it easy to fall behind. You can skim the book as long as you go to class because he goes everything. Don't really have to read, just skim thru the chapters and attend lectures and you're good. only offers his class at in the morning every quarter..when I drag myself to class at that time I at least expect some sort of interaction, some interest. The material is difficult but useful in developing critical thinking.

He basically gives you a sentence, & wants you to break it down. You have to attend class; HW on Tue., Short Quiz on Thur. The good thing is that there is no midterm or final but you do take a quiz every friday during discussion. I attended every lecture and turned in all homework assignments. His text and method of teaching is used to train investigators throughout the country.

The material is not hard you really just have to know how to do the sample questions at the end of each chapter. It has nothing to do with philosophy more of an english class. The "monotone voice" comments below reflect more the attention span and maturity level of the poster than reality, believe you me.

The author demonstrates how many common argument types—from correlations to sampling—can be analyzed using this articulated form.

Ideal for introductory courses in critical thinking, critical reasoning, informal logic, and inductive reasoning, Critical Thinking, Second Edition, features hundreds of exercises throughout and includes worked-out solutions and additional exercises (without solutions) at the end of each chapter. THE BARE-BONES PARAPHRASE The Concept of Paraphrase Reading and Paraphrase Technique and Vocabulary Human Understanding Subtler Issues Two Principles of Paraphrasing Things to Keep in Mind 2.


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