Critical Thinking Worksheet Answers

Person 5 places the question card in one of two piles, Agree or Disagree, and then takes on the role of Person 1 for a new “round” of play and reads the next question. Because there are an odd number of people on each team, the roles–1,2,3,4 and 5–will shift for each question so that everyone gets a turn to play each role.) Divide students up into teams of 4, and number them off so each person plays the role of Team Member 1,2,3, or 4.Ask a question from the worksheet and provide 30-60 seconds for each group to agree upon an answer.

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They should ensure every person on the team understands the reasoning, as they won’t know which team member will be responsible for answering the question. The person on each team whose number was called writes his or her answer on an individual dry erase board (or sheet of paper).

Team members can NOT help in any way, or they will lose a point.

Critical thinking - this reasoning worksheet was created for primary/elementary pupils.

Students must read the answers and think of appropriate questions for each one.

Challenge students to complete the worksheet and make an intentional error (an incorrect math calculation, out-of-order sequencing, grammatical or factual mistake in a written response, etc.) Then have students switch papers, mark the mistake, and discuss it.

Group students into pairs, and have them place their desks together in a way that forms a large circle in the classroom (or clearly-defined rows.) Pass out the assignment you want students to complete and have each person in the pair choose to be Partner 1 or Partner 2.

Set a timer for an appropriate amount of time for each pair to complete the first question or problem in the assignment, then sound a signal to let all the Partner 2’s know to move one seat down the row or clockwise while the Partner 1s stay in place.

The new partnerships then work together to solve the next problem.


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