Critical Thinking Workshop

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It will also improve your ability to articulate your position, engage in discussions and make a more meaningful contribution in your job.

Having completed the training we will retest you with our CTAT and assess your progress and identify any gaps that may exist.

There is always room for improvement; indeed sometimes these processes are severely deficient.

This tutorial is for any manager who wishes to understand A3 Thinking or develop the ability to think critically, communicate well, and enable collaborative approaches to problem solving and improvement.

During this phase we will also have you complete our Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CTAT).

This will provide us with a baseline measurement of your current skillset and, along with the outcome of our needs assessment, will allow us to establish any areas that may need attention and tailor our approach to better meet your needs as we move through the coaching process. In this workshop you will learn about the various heuristics (shortcuts in reasoning) that human beings use in their decision-making, and the cognitive biases that result from their use.Learn techniques to overcome specific cognitive biases that are likely to affect your reasoning in the how to use Argument Analysis to detect and avoid fallacious reasoning, make better decisions, solve problems, communicate your strategy and improve your sales technique.In such data-rich circumstances, you need a better way of thinking — a structured problem-solving mind-set for you and your staff.In this workshop, we will teach you and your team how to use A3 thinking to make sure you get, interpret, and act on the right information so you can innovate and solve problems.By developing a customized argument analysis, we can: Every organization has processes by which it solves problems and makes decisions.But mistakes are made, opportunities are lost, costs are incurred.Critical Thinking skills underpin every important workplace skill and ability.This is why leading organizations integrate Critical Thinking assessments into their human resources SOPs to provide valuable insight regarding personnel selection, development, retention and organization succession–planning efforts.The A3 Thinking process can help you: In this challenging and interactive workshop, you will learn the theory behind the A3 Thinking process and practice techniques and methods so you can use them immediately when returning to work.In this two-day session, you will learn: Attendees will also learn the principles of A3 Coaching and experience the roles of the A3 Student and A3 Coach.


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