Data Analysis Projects

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If you’re still struggling for inspiration, a great strategy is finding a way to weave together data and pop culture. It’s fairly easy to take one of your favorite shows or movies, find the script online, scrape the show/movie dialogue, and do some basic text analysis.

If you’re intrigued with blending data science and pop culture but need more inspiration, I highly recommend the website

However, a project like this is in no way necessary for getting hired as a data scientist.

This may be a subject for another blog post, but in my experience, aspiring data scientists seem to immediately jump to fancy machine learning or deep learning tutorials — and forget about learning the basics and honing their problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

(It’s also just a fantastic website to browse.) Okay, so to summarize: start by thinking about a topic that you’re interested in.

Google “free public data” if you need some inspiration–and don’t be afraid to get creative!

During a standard application process, you really have two opportunities to show and discuss your projects to the hiring team: a non-conversational opportunity (so either on your resume/CV or on your personal website — more on this later) as well as during an actual interview.

You need your project topic to work well in both capacities.

Is it easy to digest and is it skimmable, so a recruiter or a hiring manager can quickly read it and understand it?

Can you elaborate and discuss it at length to an interviewer?


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