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We can develop the analogy to cover a dissertation; a dissertation is like a centipede, it has a head and a tail, but In all of the Institute’s MAs the dissertation is an extended study that constitutes the culmination of your academic work at the Master's level.

The dissertation should be an in-depth study and counts for 40% of the whole course.

Acceptable projects include but are not limited to: A dissertation is an extended written treatise, in which the author exposits original research results and interpretations of a unique investigation.

At base, the dissertation is an essay that demonstrates excellence in scholarly ability, intellectual acuity, and erudition.

The dissertation must be your own work, in that you must do your own research, construct your own argument, and write it yourself.

(Trinity College, 2004) A professional dissertation, therefore, is more likely to be judged against the question ‘Does this work enhance the candidate’s professionalism?

The dissertation stands as the culmination of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

A dissertation in Information Studies must add substantively to understanding in the discipline. D.: The dissertation is the key element of the course that differentiates between the Post Graduate Diploma and Masters of Science Award…A dissertation is a special type of document that is unlike any other you will have had to write.

This enables all students to experience the excitements, and frustrations, associated with original research. It is an extended essay based on independent research, involving critical study of primary sources.

It allows you to apply the techniques taught in special subjects to sustained investigation of a topic of your choosing, free from the constraints imposed by your normal class schedule.


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