Dependent Variable Research Paper

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The outcome variable measured in each subject, which may be influenced by manipulation of the independent variable is termed the dependent variable.In experimental studies, where the independent variables are imposed and manipulated, the dependent variable is the variable thought to be changed or influenced by the independent variable.Dependent Variable: A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment.

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6 months later, dental appointments were scheduled, and the number of dental caries present in each child was reported.For example, let's take a study in which the investigators want to determine how often an exercise must be done to increase strength.Stop for a minute and think about how they might organize a study so they could figure this out.However, since investigators didn't determine or specify which individuals would be men and which would be women (!), it is not considered to be an active independent variable.There are usually several possible studies that could be done to address a question.These investigators decided to compare 3 groups, one group participate in a set of specific exercises 4 times per week; a second group would do the same exercises, but only twice per week, and a control group would participate in stretching exercises that would have no impact on strength.Example: You are interested in how stress affects heart rate in humans.Your independent variable would be the stress and the dependent variable would be the heart rate.In an experimental example, if a study is investigating the differences between males and females, gender would be a variable (some subjects in the study would be men, and others would be women).If a study has only female subjects, gender would not be a variable, since there would be only women.


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