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Direc TV is the #1 satellite TV broadcaster in the US, and also has a footprint stretching across much of Latin America.The business passed through the hands of several owners before becoming a subsidiary of AT&T in 2015.– a great basic information resource from the National Association of Broadcasters. https://gov/consumers/guides/consumer-faqs-tv-spectrum-auction The FCC’s Troubleshooting Guide for Digital TVs and Convertor Boxes: https://gov/consumers/guides/troubleshooting-guide-digital-analog-converter-boxes-and-digital-televisions The FCC’s DTV Reception Maps web page: https://gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps The FCC’s Guide to Antennas and Digital Television: https://gov/consumers/guides/antennas-and-digital-television You can also follow the steps for your specific TV in your owner’s manual.

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PBS39 is happy to announce the completion of the final phases of upgrades to our antenna and tower infrastructure.

This final phase puts a brand new, permanent antenna in service to replace the temporary antenna PBS39 had been broadcasting from since our channel re-assignment on September 1.

Direc TV then became a subsidiary of News Corporation's Fox Entertainment Group.

As competition from cable broadcasters became increasingly intense mid-decade, Murdoch began moves to sell the business.

The combination of the two should ensure that most viewers who may have recently had issues receiving our broadcasts should be able to receive them now as they did before the move.

In addition to re-scanning, don’t forget the following tips to re-acquire PBS39’s signal: That’s it!

Visit https://gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps to determine the best antenna position and the quality of signal that can be expected at your location.

Pictured below is an example of a location in northeast Indiana in relation to the location of PBS39’s transmitter.

If there is an issue after September 1st, please call your provider.

Antenna Positioning A vast majority of reception issues are due to antenna position.


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