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“The development of military slavery under the Abbasid caliphs of the ninth century A. “A study of Al-Ya’qubi, with special reference to his alleged Shī’a bias.” Oxtoby, Willard Gurdon. “The Ottoman government and the Arabs, 1911 to 1918: a preliminary study of the Teskilat-I Mahsusa.” 1962 Forand, Paul Glidden. H.), with special reference to the reigns of Mu’tasim and Mu’tadid.” Millward, William, G. “The intellectual development of Ahmad Kasraví.” Weiss, Bernard G.

“Al-Riddah and the Muslim conquest of Arabia: a re-evaluation.” 1967 Ahmad, Eqbal.

“Ali Bey al-Kabīr and the mamluk resurgence in Ottoman Egypt, 1760–1772.” Shoufani, Elias Shukri.

“The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Authority, and Cultures of Astronomy in Late Ottoman Egypt.” M. “Ahmed Cevdet Pasa: the formative years of an Ottoman transition.” Claburn, William Eugene.

“Farah Antun: the life and times of a Syrian Christian journalist in Egypt.” 1968 Chambers, Richard L.

“The Qajar response to Russia’s military challenge, 1804–28.” Perkins, Kenneth J.

“Africans in Arabia Felix: Aksumite relations with Himyar in the sixth century C. “Asymmetry of interest: Turkish-Iranian relations since 1979.” Bernard Haykel. “Rustam and Isfandiyār in the Shāhnāmeh.” Mc Chesney, R. “Waqf at Balkh: a study of the endowments at the Shrine of ʻAlī ībn Abī Tālib.” Meredith, Colin. “ The Land of the Foreign Padishah: India in Ottoman Reality and Imagination. “The black death in the Middle East.” Shinder, Joel. “The isolationist stance of the Ottoman empire 1700–1711.” Khayrallah, As’ad E. “Love, madness and poetry: an interpretation of the Majnun legend.” 1971 Bell, Joseph Norment. “The law of property in Egypt: Islamic law and civil code.” Stoddard, Philip Hendrick. “Guiding the Pious to Practice: Islamic Magazines and Revival in Egypt, 1976–1981.” M. “The Reisulkuttab and Ottoman diplomacy at Karlowitz.” Debs, Richard A. “The Muslim judiciary of Damascus in the late Mumluk period.” Reid, Donald M. “Formal Structure in the Lyric Poetry of 'Abd Allah Ibn Al-Mu'tazz.” Andras P. “Hadramawt: crisis and intervention, 1866–1881.” Kawash, Sabri K. D.): a study of the background, education, and career of a ’Ālim in Egypt.” Mandaville, Jon Elliott. “Relocating the Centers of Shīʿī Islam: Religious Authority, Sectarianism, and the Limits of the Transnational in Colonial India and Pakistan.” M. “The political transformation of the Seljuq Sultanate of Iraq and western Iran, 1152–1187.” 1963 Abou-El-Haj, Rifa’at Ali. “Language in orthodox Muslim thought: a study of “Wad al-lughah” and its development.” 1964 Luther, Kenneth A. “Jurjī Zaydān: The role of popular history in the formation of a new Arab world-view.” 1972 Ames, Evan B. “Delegitimizing the Ottoman Imperial Order at the Threshold Of New Diplomacy (The Interplay of Anglo-American Policies on the Ottoman Armenians, 1914–1923).” M. “Qaids, captains, and colons: French military administration in the colonial Maghrib, 1844–1934.” Ware, Lewis Beier.


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