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In 1854, Poems: Second Series appeared; also a selection, it included the new poem, Balder Dead.Arnold was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford in 1857, and he was the first in this position to deliver his lectures in English rather than in Latin. On Translating Homer (1861) and the initial thoughts that Arnold would transform into Culture and Anarchy were among the fruits of the Oxford lectures.

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In 1847, he became Private Secretary to Lord Lansdowne, Lord President of the Council.

In 1849, he published his first book of poetry, The Strayed Reveller.

He moved to the sixth form in 1838 and thus came under the direct tutelage of his father.

He wrote verse for the manuscript Fox How Magazine, co-produced with his brother Tom for the family's enjoyment from 1838 to 1843.

He graduated in the following year with a 2nd class honours degree in Literae Humaniores (colloquially Greats).

In 1845, after a short interlude of teaching at Rugby, he was elected Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.Although his duties were later confined to a smaller area, Arnold knew the society of provincial England better than most of the metropolitan authors and politicians of the day." In 1852, Arnold published his second volume of poems, Empedocles on Etna, and Other Poems.In 1853, he published Poems: A New Edition, a selection from the two earlier volumes famously excluding Empedocles on Etna, but adding new poems, Sohrab and Rustum and The Scholar Gipsy.Matthew Arnold has been characterised as a sage writer, a type of writer who chastises and instructs the reader on contemporary social issues.The Reverend John Keble stood as Godfather to Matthew.In 1831, Arnold was tutored by his uncle, John Buckland in the small village of Laleham.In 1834, the Arnolds occupied a holiday home, Fox How, in the Lake District.In 1866, he published Thyrsis, his elegy to Clough who had died in 1861.Culture and Anarchy, Arnold's major work in social criticism (and one of the few pieces of his prose work currently in print) was published in 1869.In 1859, he conducted the first of three trips to the continent at the behest of parliament to study European educational practices.He self-published The Popular Education of France (1861), the introduction to which was later published under the title Democracy (1879).


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