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"The Crucible", by Arthur Miller, focuses on Theocracy and the effect it can have on a community, as well as on an individual. s attention, while the sub-plot of rivalry adds interest and also reflects the main plot.From Act One, Miller creates dramatic tension in many different ways. The abrupt ending of act one, reflects the abrupt ending of the play as a whole, leaving the remainder to the imagination.

Twentieth Century Drama How does Miller create dramatic tension in Act One of "The Crucible"? ...sympathy to those doomed to this fate, after doing nothing wrong, who are merely counters in Abigail? The unexpected twists and use of dramatic irony help to keep the audience?

They act like bullies, ganging up on her because she is weak and the tension builds up, as Mary gets more and more distressed.

The girls start mimicking Mary, which is a typical playground-bullying device, which is guaranteed to undermine her.

In my essay I intend to examine how Miller creates tension in the Yellow Bird scene by using dramatic effects to engage the audience in the play and keep them engrossed, involved and on the edge of their seats.

At the beginning of act three, the mood is set by the stage directions and descriptions.


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