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Criteria G, H and I For several other criteria, it appears harder to achieve the top band.The harder criteria involve analytical and evaluative writing.Some of these questions are good, but some questions are too broad in their focus.

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Economics and Business Management seem to be common subject choices and I regularly supervise 4-5 students each year.

Students pick topics which are either related to Singapore, or a country where they call home.

The highest level in some of these categories are easier to attain than others.

For instance every student should achieve the highest level in each of the following.

They will be penalised for this approach in some of the criteria.

Economic Extended Essay Question Dental Malpractice Case Studies

The holistic judgment (Criteria K) is judged by the teacher and examiner and will reward students that adopt innovative or clever ways to collect data.In my opinion, the Extended Essay requirement of the Diploma Programme, is one of the more enjoyable and challenging parts of the course.Students endeavor to write a mini-thesis on an original topic, based on a subject on their choice.Students can sometimes compensate in an essay with lots of secondary data by showing examples of in-depth analysis that makes links between separate pieces of secondary data.A survey of movie attendance during a recession, checked against secondary data on movie takings and consumer incomes will provide sufficient resources to analysis.A question which focuses on consumers in Singapore is in my opinion too broad.Selecting a cohort of consumers, such as working age males, would be a more focused approach.It has relevance to the economic concepts of demand and supply, elasticity, inflation and monopolistic competition.This topic is worthy of investigation because it is a hot media topic in Singapore, and is widely debated in the country because it’s the most expensive household asset.[2] My focus question of this extended essay will be |To what extent does the Singapore Government’s policies on housing and immigration, help to increase the demand of the private | |property sector in the housing market?A closed question should be restructured to a question which can quantified.Rather than “what is the effect of government interventions on the market for hybrid cars” it could be restructured as “to what extent has the government intervention …to changes in demand.” Students can then conduct in-depth analysis which explains how much the demand has changed, or to justify the degree of success or failure of the policy.


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