English Placement Test Practice Essay

English Placement Test Practice Essay-68
There are a number of resources on the Accuplacer website that include examples of Write Placer essay questions.

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Test-takers need to be prepared to draft an essay from scratch during the assigned time given because this is the only Accuplacer test that may be timed.

Before scheduling a time to take Accuplacer tests it is a good idea to make sure you have done a thorough review of all the information you will be tested on or refreshed the appropriate skills you will be required to demonstrate.

Individuals taking the Write Placer, which is Accuplacer's essay test, are graded on the construction of their essay, and knowing some of the types of questions that may be asked can help individuals prepare to develop an effective response during the testing period.

There are a few typical types of questions individuals will encounter on this exam.

The prompt question asks individuals to argue for or against the idea that people can turn the problems or obstacles they face into positive things in their life.

In order to perform well on the Write Placer it is important to understand how you will be evaluated.

These study courses are designed to help individuals prepare for the Write Placer, Sentence Skills Accuplacer and Reading Comprehension Accuplacer tests.

The courses provide online lessons that individuals can work through as quickly or slowly as they choose.

You can sign up for study programs and find online resources to help you learn what's on the tests.

You can also utilize technology so that you have flexibility in your study schedule.


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