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Comfort with technology will help the audiologist operate and troubleshoot the many cutting edge technologies and instruments that are used in the field.If you feel that the above characteristics describe you, consider as well what tends to attract people to a career in audiology: Audiologists have a wide variety of work environments from which to choose.

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Audiologists often work regular eight-hour days and the field offers many part-time career opportunities.

Based on our pool of users, audiologists are as artistic as they are investigative.

Audiologists work with patients who may be frustrated or emotional because of their hearing or balance problems.

This requires that they be tactful, empathetic, and supportive of patients and their families. Audiologists need to communicate test results, diagnoses, and proposed treatments, so that patients clearly understand their situation and options.

The ABA credentials are Board Certification in Audiology, Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification, and Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification Both ASHA and ABA operate continuing education programs which provide audiologists with opportunities to maintain and renew their certifications.

These include association and board developed courses and webinars; as well as events, conferences, and conventions.

Other audiologists may focus their work on neuro-otology or perform intraoperative monitoring of the hearing nerve.

In the United States, all audiologists must be licensed to practise independently.

In some cases, patients do not respond to initial treatments.

Audiologists must be able to analyze patient response, evaluate and select alternative treatment plans, and sometimes perform multiple adjustments on hearing devices.


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